Pet Portraits

Hand Painted Pet Portrait by Our Artist

Acrylic Painted Portraits

  • Our artist can hand paint a custom pet portrait of your beloved pet. It will make a perfect piece of art for your home.

  • Memorialize your deceased pet with a loving memory.

  • Pet portraits make wonderful gifts for others.

  • We request a group of photos so we can help you choose that one picture that captures your pets personality.

  • If you need to take photos we suggest you take them on a sunny day under a tree.

  • We'll sketch your pet, paint it, and provide you with a digital copy for you to review.

  • 100% Guaranteed

  • With your input we'll complete the final version.

  • We request a 20% deposit to start the process.

  • Price for your painting varies depending on the canvas size and the number of pets. 

  • No Hidden Fees

  • Call 727-710-5394 for pricing